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This Alert Message is a Custome Component of Basecampe. Built form scratch to match Basecamp styles and icons. Did you know they have over 190 icons? I counted them 👌🏽. Such components are created as a special request. Thanks to Yaro Shm 👆🏼

The Essence of Modern Rails UI

RapidRailsUI simplifies Rails development. It's a harmonious fusion of ViewComponent's versatility and Tailwind CSS's style, offering responsive, easy-to-integrate UI components. Elevate your projects effortlessly.

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Embrace the elegance of modern design, ensuring a consistent and clear presentation that resonates well with your users.

Powered by Tailwind CSS

Harness the latest Tailwind CSS for a minimalist, contemporary design experience that elevates both development and design.

Fully Responsive Design

Guarantee seamless functionality across all devices and browsers, ensuring every element adapts perfectly to different screen sizes.

UI Components Library

Beautifully crafted UI components, from essential elements to comprehensive blocks and templates, including Dark Mode support.

Refreshing Design

Adopt a design that radiates positivity and clarity, staying abreast of the latest design trends for a clean, high-quality user interface.

Developer-Centric Approach

Focus on straightforward, intuitive APIs to enhance developer happiness, making coding less cumbersome and more productive.

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Pay Once, yours forever

Pay once and get lifetime access to the same amazing UI Components with each one. Go for the All Access license to unlock usage for as many components and blocks as you can code and also get access to all available templates.


Get lifetime access to the RapidRails UI components library (Application UI, Marketing), plus free updates.


One time payment

What’s included:

Access to the RapidRails UI components library, specifically tailored for Application UI and Marketing.
Guaranteed lifetime updates to enhance your toolkit.
One-time purchase with no recurring costs.
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All Access

Get lifetime access to all current and future RapidRails UI components (Application UI, Marketing, Ecommerce), blocks and templates, plus free updates.


One time payment

What’s included:

Full access to all current and future RapidRails UI components, including Application UI, Marketing, and E-commerce categories.
All Comprehensive E-Commerce and Dashboard UI Components.
Exclusive access to RapidRails Blocks.
Continuous lifetime updates at no extra cost.
Dedicated email support.
One-time purchase, no recurring fees.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get insights into the features and functionality of RapidRails UI - the go-to UI kit for Rails developers.

What is RapidRails UI?

RapidRails UI is a versatile UI component kit for Ruby on Rails applications, blending Tailwind CSS with ViewComponent for an efficient and elegant web interface development experience.

What sets RapidRails UI apart from other UI kits?

Uniquely integrating Tailwind CSS with Rails ViewComponents, RapidRails UI offers ease of use, intuitive APIs, and deep customization, specifically designed for the Rails ecosystem.

How does the pricing and licensing work for RapidRails UI?

RapidRails UI offers two lifetime access tiers:

Basic: Access to most UI components and free updates.
All Access: Everything in Basic, plus other components, exclusive templates, blocks, and email support.
Affordable one-time payment options provide continual value without ongoing costs.

How will you keep me updated on RapidRails UI development?

When you purchase a RapidRails UI component library you'll be the first to know about new releases. For more updates follow me on Twitter.

How will I use RapidRails UI components in my Ruby on Rails apps?

RapidRails UI components, provided as ViewComponent files, are easily integrated into your Rails apps, offering full customization control.

What kind of support can I expect with RapidRails UI?

I pride myself on high-quality, responsive support. I am dedicated to assisting you with any queries related to using RapidRails UI components.

What does lifetime access mean?

Lifetime access entails a one-time purchase with access to all current and future components and updates—no recurring fees.

What versions of Ruby and Ruby on Rails are supported?

RapidRails UI is compatible with Rails v5.2+ and Ruby v2.5+, in line with ViewComponent compatibility.

When are you releasing these components?

Starting May 2024, full component releases will occur gradually, including basic UI, marketing, eCommerce UI, templates, and blocks.

Do you offer refunds?

If you're not satisfied, contact me within 14 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

How frequently are RapidRails UI components updated?

Regular updates are part of the commitment, keeping components up-to-date with Rails and Tailwind CSS advancements.

Can I contribute to or request new features for RapidRails UI?

Suggestions for new features or improvements are always welcome, helping to evolve RapidRails UI continually.

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