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We build Rails components so you don't have to

RapidRails help your team make more progress, upgrading applcations' outdated and messy views into neat, easy-to-use Hotwire-enhanced UI components.

Yes, Ruby on Rails deserves better UI Components

Rails UI stack is craving some attention & love. RapidRails provide a modern, flexible and customizable UI Components that will help you to build better Rails applications.

What is RapidRails

A Ruby on Rails development and design consultancy transform your new design or outdated UIs into modern, efficient, and visually stunning components using the power of Hotwire, ensuring your Rails application not only works seamlessly but also looks incredible.

We are driven by a vision, transform Rails frontend.

It's a struggle to juggle front-end developers, designers, clients, deadlines, and expectations. I get it. We care to simplify design and front-end challenges. We help businesses create visually stunning and efficient UI components for their Rails applications. RapidRails knows your struggles and is here to help with:

Limited resources

You have a design and limited budget or manpower to turn it into a functional UI for your Rails app! Let us handle the conversion hassle for you.

Time and effort

Converting your intricate designs and tangled code in to UI components can be daunting. We ensure your vision becomes a reality without the headache.

Need specialized skills

Having a team of developers & designers can be expensive & time-consuming. We offer specialized skills at a fraction of the cost.

Working with us is a simple 3-step process.

We want to make sure that you have a clear understanding of how we work and what to expect when you work with us. Here's a brief overview of our process:

Step 1

Discovery Meeting

Process begins with a short meeting to understand your needs and figuring out whether we'd be a good fit to work together. There are a few spots available each month.

Step 2

Build your Components

Start working on you project scope and create UI components library that fits your project. Ddelivery time is based on the project scope, complexity, and the number of components.

Step 3

Continuous Improvement

Buliding a project is just the beginning. I continuously improve the components to ensure that they are flexible, reusable, easy to maintain and well-documented.

Why use ViewComponent?

ViewComponent (VC) changed the way developers construct UI components in Rails applications. It offers a modern, efficient, and maintainable approach compared to traditional partials.
Here's why we choose it:

Code Organization: VC separates logic from presentation, leading to cleaner code.
Performance: Pre-compilation of templates makes VC ~10× faster than partials in real-world use-cases.
Extensibility & Composition: VC supports extending and composing components, promoting modular design.
Testing: VC is designed for easier and quicker unit testing.
Single Responsibility: Consolidates view logic into a single class.
Data Flow: Clear interface defined by a Ruby initializer reduces bugs.
Reusability: Components can be reused across different parts of the application.
Dependencies: VC explicitly declares dependencies for clarity.

Simple and Affordable Pricing

Fixed-cost, monthly maintenance service.


Ideal for solo developer, startups, or smaller teams.

$2,697Per Month

Plan Includes

20 hours of development time per week.
Average 48 hour delivery time per request.
Easy monthly subscription payments with Stripe.
We use Basecamp to manage the requests pipeline, workflow and communication.


Perfect for growing businesses and companies.

$3,597Per Month

Plan Includes

30 hours of development time per week.
Average delivery time per request less than 48 hours.
Provide documentation using Lookbook
Easy monthly subscription payments with Stripe.
We use Basecamp to manage the requests pipeline, workflow and communication.

Transform your views into Rails components today

We transform your unique design and cluttered views into custom Rails UI Components. Utilizing Rails 7, ViewComponent, and Hotwire, we ensure your componets system integrates seamlessly into your Rails app. This service is ideal for businesses aiming to build a robust web application swiftly.

See opur work in action 👇🏼

The RapidRailsUI components are a testament to our work. They demonstrate our capability to deaigne and create a functional Rails components. These examples are more than just demonstrations; they are evidence of what we can achieve for you. If you have a design, we can bring it to life in Rails.
Explore our RapidRailsUI components – they showcase our proficiency in making designs thrive in Rails. Allow us to do the same for your project.

Live components from RapidRailsUI library


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Lucian Ghinda

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Rails is a full-stack framework. It ships with all the tools needed to build amazing web apps on both the front and back end. Rendering HTML templates, updating databases, sending and receiving emails, maintaining live pages via WebSockets, enqueuing jobs for asynchronous work, storing uploads in the cloud, providing solid security protections for common attacks. Rails does it all and so much more.

📝 A note from Ahmed

Hi there, I'm Ahmed, the creator of RapidRails.

Throughout my career as a Ruby on Rails developer and UI designer, I've assisted startups and organizations in transforming their outdated and messy Rails views into organized, maintainable systems of UI components. I've often stepped in to fill the gap between design and development, ensuring a seamless integration of beautiful design with robust functionality. Other times, I've worked with teams helping them understand the importance of a componentized front-end and adopting Hotwire for a more dynamic and interactive user experience.

Whether you're a founder seeking a partner to modernize your Rails application, or an established company looking to enhance your front-end architecture, RapidRails is here to help. I build a tailored approach for each project I take on, focusing on creating reusable, scalable, and maintainable UI components that bring joy to developers and order to your views.

I would be thrilled to collaborate with you and contribute to the success of your project.

Book a call  ☎️

PS. Every HTML element of this page is a UI Component. Some are tailored to the website's needs, and some are from our UI components library. This approach not only ensures a consistent and elegant design but also simplifies future updates and maintenance.

Ahmed Nadar